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Spring Organization – What We Stand For

Spring Organization – What We Stand For

Here at The Container Store, we stand for our EMPLOYEES FIRST in all that we do. By putting employees first, our customers’ lives are improved with great service and the gracious gift of organization delivered by happy, well-trained salespeople. And when our employees and customers are happy, well, the rest of our stakeholders are too — our vendors, the community, shareholders — everyone!

A commitment to simultaneously balancing the needs of ALL of our stakeholders has been our way since 1978. We strive to achieve this by staying true to our seven Foundation Principles™, the values-based philosophies that guide every decision we make. Today, we’re proud to be a founding company in a movement called Conscious Capitalism®, a group of like-minded business, thought and academic leaders working to elevate humanity through a conscious approach to business. Despite what most have been brought up to think, business is not a zero-sum game — no one has to lose for others to win. Operating this way is the most sustainable, FUN and profitable way to build a company.

As you shop during our Spring Organization campaign, which begins tomorrow, you’ll see the results of this approach — our Buyers’ commitment to crafting mutually beneficial relationships with our vendors to ensure we’re offering the most incredible, thoughtful and well-edited collection of products at the best price.

We strive to be our vendors’ favorite customer, and I like to say you can’t actually tell the difference between an employee and a vendor at The Container Store! I’ll always remember the first time we were named #1 on FORTUNE Magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For in America®.” We were at one of the biggest housewares trade shows in the country and a vendor was wearing one of our employee buttons that said “I work for the best company to work for in America.” I asked why HE was wearing that button – in front of all of his other customers no less – and he said, “Why wouldn’t I wear it? I DO WORK for the best company to work for in America!” I’m proud to say there are countless stories like this from our vendor partners.

This approach to vendor partnerships is how we stay competitive with other retailers. In the case of “look-alike” products, our experts will share with you that our solution is made from higher-quality materials, thus ensuring it will last much longer. And because we offer an upscale service experience, you may not know that 80% of our products are under $20 — and during our Spring Organization Sale, that percentage is even higher!

I’d love to hear what you think about our approach to business – leave a comment here for a chance to win one of the many $50 Store More Cards we give away each month. And thank you for your support of The Container Store – happy spring organizing!

Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO

Spring Organization – What We Stand For