The Container Store

The Container Store is Featured in a New Documentary Film!

If you knew you could help heal the planet and change the course of the human race by making a few easy choices, would you do it? Or just stand by and watch?

The documentary Prosperity is a wonderful new film from that takes an in-depth look at a number of companies striving to change the world and the world of business by operating in more sustainable and conscious ways. It’s a thought-provoking and inspiring  glimpse into how capitalism affects the entire planet and as consumers, we all have the choice to support companies that share our values and help benefit their communities, stakeholders, and the environment. It’s up to us to “vote with our pocketbooks,” so to speak!

We’re proud that The Container Store is one of the conscious companies featured in the film, in addition to a host of other like-minded companies like Whole Foods Market, Studio Movie Grill, and Rodale. We’d like to invite all of our stakeholders to check it out!

Beginning on October 5th, is offering Prosperity to view for free for 10 days. For more information, watch the trailer above or check out

The Container Store is Featured in a New Documentary Film!