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Vendor Spotlight: 3B Bags

Vendor Spotlight: 3B Bags

In Kip’s 35th anniversary message, he talks a lot about the importance of our vendor relationships – that by creatively crafting mutually beneficial vendor relationships and treating our vendors like we would want to be treated (and as partners in our business) this allows us both to thrive. In honor of our 35th anniversary, we asked some of our wonderful vendors to tell us the story of how they came to work with The Container Store. We hope you enjoy hearing from each of them in our Vendor Spotlight series!

3B Bags is a company started by women who – just like women everywhere – shop for groceries! We also love to reuse, and dislike unnecessary waste. The common single-use plastic bags for fruits and vegetables certainly seem like a waste, so we designed the 3B Reusable Produce Bags, a set of mesh bags with a drawstring.

3B Bags was just getting its “business feet” on the ground in April 2010, when we took a deep breath and contacted The Container Store’s buying department to introduce our Reusable Produce Bags. The Container Store liked us, our idea and our fun, colorful packaging. It was just the beginning of our company at the time, and that mutually- beneficial relationship with The Container Store has grown, prospered and endured.

As I sat down to try to capture the sentiment of our business relationship with The Container Store, my very first thought is that we’re like a family. 3B Bags representing the little sister, small and just starting out on a journey. The Container Store is the big sister providing loyalty, mentorship, clear communication and genuine caring.

As most little sisters tend to do, 3B Bags strives to “be just like The Container Store.” What does this mean? Smart, efficient, forward-thinking, fresh and innovative, coupled with a multitude of human qualities – loyal, caring, friendly, cheerful, heartfelt, genuine and honest. This is who The Container Store is. They set the standard for a successful business model and it consistently stays at the forefront of their culture. This standard is to make the world a better, happier place.

The Container Store does not just talk the talk, but clearly walks the walk. Simply stated, they care. They care about the environment and about people – their employees, customers and suppliers. Like a family, The Container Store genuinely celebrates when there are successes and mourns when there is sadness.

3B Bags’ relationship with The Container Store has been the key to our successful journey and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring for both of us.

Jeanie Waner, co-owner, 3B Bags