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Vendor Spotlight: in.bag/PurseN

Vendor Spotlight: in.bag/PurseN

Vendor Spotlight: in.bag/PurseN

In.bag was developed and created from a passionate place…the love of handbags!

I remember going to the New York Gift Show after just traveling back from a long fight from China…jet lagged and all. I went to the show with inspiration and the hope of having the best show ever.

It was a great first day because I met the most incredible women who happened to be there to buy products for their launch of The Container Store’s “Gift Wrap Wonderland” holiday catalog. I remember looking up and noticing them and I knew right away I had to share my story and products. Talk about fate…I had the intuition to bring the in.bag collection of handbag organizers to the Show.

Well are you wondering what happened? I can proudly say that I received an amazing opportunity to submit my designs to a large retailer – The Container Store! I remember them asking me to send a “few samples “…well, I sent a whole box full of them! You only get one shot so make it “great.” At least that’s what my husband always says!

Over the years, in.bag has grown rapidly with The Container Store…the product reviews from customers make me smile ear to ear because I can remember the words from the buyers saying, “We’ll give you a shot!” As a result of our success, we keep adding new, fabulous items to the in.bag collection for people to enjoy and use to stay organized.

It’s been a journey in so many ways – being an entrepreneur is not easy…there are many ups and downs, but it’s the people who make your journey incredible. At the end of the day, they “believe” in you, which makes me passionate about bringing the best in.bag products to The Container Store.

I do all I can to make them proud of me and my products because I feel like I’m an extension of their family! Thank you to The Container Store for giving the dreamers like me the opportunity to succeed!

Hardeep Melamed, CEO, in.bag/PurseN