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We Love Our Employees Day!

We Love Our Employees Day!

We love Valentine’s Day, but we love our employees even more! What a happy occasion, to once again celebrate each and every one of our special employees on our National We Love Our Employees Day! It was just last year that we proclaimed February 14th as a day of love and appreciation for our employees who have given so much to our company. Our employees will be treated to special celebrations, gifts and recognition at our stores across the country, home office and distribution center.
As with all good companies, it starts from the top. Kip, our Chairman and CEO, and we all believe that if you work to make your employees the happiest employees around, well then they will absolutely, positively then make our customers the happiest customers around. And if those two are ecstatic, then wonderfully, and almost ironically, you’ll have the happiest shareholders around, too. While we honor our employees all year round, celebrating National We Love Our Employees Day is just one example of how our employee-first culture manifests itself in our business.

But employee pride, low turnover and industry accolades are not the only way love presents itself. Did you know that we have nearly 40 couples that have either met while working at The Container Store or were recruited by a partner/spouse to join the company? That includes Kip and his wife Sharon, our company’s Chief Merchandising Officer, who has been involved in the company since 1980.

We love the research by Dr. Paul J Zak, the Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, Professor of Economics, Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University that has shown that a loving environment causes the brains of those in it to produce the neurotransmitter oxytocin. Paul says that oxytocin is the “moral molecule,” which motivates us to care for those around us as part of the reciprocity initiated by love. He says that it’s not easy to create a culture of love, but by doing this, employees are happier and serve the needs of customers better. Love creates employee engagement, builds customer loyalty and creates sustainable businesses. We couldn’t agree more!

Please join us in celebrating the thousands of GREAT employees who make The Container Store a fun place to work and shop! If you’re in one of our stores today (with just one day left in our Annual elfa Sale!), you’ll hear love songs all day long and you’ll even get a chance to write a “love note” to our employees letting them know why you love them as much as we do. Can’t get to one of our stores? We’d love for you to share the love here on our blog – tell us why you love our employees as much as we do. Thank you and Happy National We Love Our Employees Day.

See photos from our celebrations nationwide.