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What We’re Thankful For!

What We’re Thankful For!
What We’re Thankful For!

Since we first opened our doors in 1978, we’ve always closed our store locations on Thanksgiving to allow all of our employees to spend time with their families and give thanks for all they have. After all, some things in life are just more important than business, and those include family, love, laughter, and cornbread dressing.

To get into the holiday’s spirit of gratitude, we asked a group of our employees what they’re thankful for, and here’s what they said:

“I am so thankful for the amazing Employee First Culture we have at The Container Store, our fantastic Area Director Ken Nylen, and ALL things Harry Potter!”

- Matthew Jungels, Custom Closets Market Manger, Chicago

“I am thankful for the ability to love and to be loved. My husband is one of my greatest blessings—very thankful for him. I am grateful for my friends and family. So thankful for the amazing people I get the opportunity to work with every day. I have worked with many people and these are the some of the greatest people I have ever met.”

            - Nicole Collins, Distribution Recruiting and Employee Support Supervisor

“I am thankful for my family at home and my family at work!  Both play a vital role in each other’s success and happiness!”

            - Aaron Harris, General Manager, Des Moines

“I am thankful for individuality. Life would be terribly boring if we were all the same!”

            - Liz Neal, Store Replenishment, Distribution Center

“I’m thankful for new experiences, new challenges, not resting on our laurels and keeping our brand fresh and relevant in the ever-changing climate of retail.”

- Kevin Postell, Custom Closets Market Manager, Washington D.C.

“I am MOST thankful for the trials and challenges that I've endured, and ultimately surmounted, because they have taught me to be strong, patient, understanding, perseverant, and —most importantly— grateful. They remind me of the blessings I have and inspire me to give back to others.”

            - Jack Roy, System Planner, Distribution Center

“I am thankful for my FRIENDS! We can’t choose our family, but we can choose those who we let in our lives, for that I am THANKFUL. Those friends are my hand-picked family!”

            - Sophie Posey, Contracts & IT Procurement Manager, Home Office

“I am thankful that my brother and sister-in-law serving in the Marines are back from almost three years in Japan. I am lucky to have an amazing husband and smart and sassy children that are healthy and happy. I am also thankful to come to work every day and have the luxury of working with other amazing leaders; Sarah Taylor and Mark McPhail are the best I could ever wish for!”

            - Megan Brewer, Visual Sales Manager, Indianapolis

What are YOU thankful for? Tell us in the comments below!