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What We Stand For – Meaningful Careers!

What We Stand For – Meaningful Careers!

I’ve always felt that a college education is a true gift – a gift of knowledge and life experience. And since 1978, we’ve worked hard to give parents and their college-bound kids the gift of organization during this often stressful transition to smaller living spaces, increased workloads and complex scheduling. We know that when students start out organized it makes future responsibilities, time commitments and the juggle of daily life much easier. One student who is putting those skills to use is Allie Miller, last year’s recipient of The Container Store – Mona Williams – Women Making a Difference in Retail Scholarship at Texas A&M University. This endowment was created as a tribute to our Vice President of Buying, Mona Williams.

She was one of our most beloved leaders who unexpectedly passed away in 2010, but whose 30-year contributions to our company will never be forgotten. While it gives a female student the gift of financial support to pursue a career in retail, it also recognizes the female leadership throughout our company. I’m proud that 14 of our 18 top leaders are women and that nearly 2/3 of our employees are female. The scholarship is also funded by many generous contributions from our vendor partners who loved and adored working with Mona as much as we did. And it celebrates what we know a career in retail can mean – endless opportunity, creativity and innovation. There are the products, the merchandising, the marketing, the logistics, the technology, the vendor partnerships and of course, the people – the wonderfully talented and smart people. I can’t think of an industry in which I would rather spend my career! I sincerely believe that a career in retail is the greatest profession of all.

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Kip Tindell, Chairman and CEO