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Why Heroism is a State of Mind

Why Heroism is a State of Mind

We came across this great story in Southwest Magazine all about a New Yorker who took it upon himself to become a modern-day superhero. He started out with lofty ambitions – consciously reaching out to help others around him in need. But he humorously admits that after one week, he’d been, “scolded for interrupting a phone conversation. Lost tourists have brushed me off. I’ve been flatly ignored, gotten really strange looks, been lectured on my uselessness, and received some bizarre requests via Craigslist.”

However, throughout the rest of the article, it’s inspiring to hear about the people he does help – a woman whose Metro card was stolen and couldn’t afford to replace it; a homeless family who wanted a special way to celebrate their 3-year-old son’s birthday; and many more.

The story is the perfect example of “wake” – like a boat’s wake, it’s the idea that everything you do, and don’t do, affects the world around you much more than you realize. The author writes, “Heroism, I’ve learned, is a state of mind. I react to many things I might have ignored before. Despite my desperate search in the beginning, there was never actually a shortage of people to help. It’s a bit like night vision. If you stay away from the light long enough, you realize that all kinds of previously obscured things pop into view.”

Each and every one of us is capable of effecting so much positive change in the world! How will you leverage the power of your wake today?