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Work With Great People During the Holidays!

Work With Great People During the Holidays!

For Jeff B., the year 2011 ended with one of the worst AND best holiday seasons he’d ever had. Aside from the usual holiday stresses—the seemly endless shopping, cooking, traveling, etc.—he had also recently found himself unemployed at the age of 53. As he began searching for a new job, one thing was clear to him: whether he found short-term or long-term employment, he wanted to spend time with people who cared about him. He had long heard great things about The Container Store’s employee-first culture, so he applied for a seasonal prime-time position at our Dallas Galleria store.

“When I was hired, I realized they truly did embody their employee-first philosophy,” Jeff says. He enjoyed the job’s flexibility and training, and he quickly learned much more than he’d anticipated. Seven years later, Jeff is now a TCS Services Supervisor in our Customer Solutions Department and has found the stability and camaraderie he’d previously been missing. Had he not taken a chance with The Container Store, he says, he never would had ended up where he is today.

Essence T., one of Jeff’s colleagues, agrees. “The Container Store is one of the few companies that truly cares about its employees,” she says. “I believe it’s our outstanding guidance and nurturing of employees that makes us so successful.” Upon graduating college in Nashville and returning home to Texas, Essence applied for a seasonal position in the Customer Solutions Department. Though she figured it was only temporary, she ended up enjoying it so much and doing so well that she’s stayed on ever since! “I like to say that a seasonal job is like a taste test,” she says. “If you like the way a particular food or drink tastes, you’ll always want more!”

So if you’re looking for a seasonal job during the holidays, why make it more stressful than it already is? Apply for one of our Stores, Distribution Center, or Customer Solutions Department today and surround yourself with great, caring people! Who knows…it may just be the last job you ever apply for!