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You’re like Chicken Soup!

You’re like Chicken Soup!

This year our President and COO – Melissa Reiff – and our Vice President of Stores, Training and Development & Recruiting – Eva Gordon – are visiting all of our stores to share perspective about our company, discuss the many opportunities that lie ahead while also learning more about the goals and aspirations of each employee. This cross-country trip has been dubbed The Connection Roadshow!

We just had to share what one of our Store Managers had to say after Melissa and Eva visited her store (during which time she was unfortunately suffering from a case of the sniffles)!

“Melissa, my heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your time, attention and insight today. I came home and made chicken soup and thought, ‘that will make me feel better.’ Then I thought of you…your presence today did the same thing!

Your words made me feel comforted, safe and secure. Change can be unsettling, but I trust you and our leadership team completely.

Since beginning my career at The Container Store MANY years ago, my focus has been to give my employees guidance, coupled with a lot of appreciation. I have worked hard to learn their language.

A ‘thank you’ means so much. I have also incorporated those simple, but effective, two words when letting customers know their time in our store is appreciated. It is important to blend our culture with fresh ideas and I love your sincere gesture to show how much you care. I am inspired to do even more to show our staff they are appreciated and valued.

Thank you for ALL you do!”